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We help organizations create Trauma Responsive, trauma informed systems and in particular help organizations adopt trauma-informed care.  TReSIA, our Trauma Responsive Systems Implementation Advisor suite includes tools for implementing Trauma Informed Care.  Trauma Informed Care supports mental health recovery for most mental health diagnoses including PTSD, addiction, borderline personality disorder and more.

Our Trainings
In addition to our own highly interactive courses on TIC and becoming Trauma-Responsive, we are authorized vendors for the Risking Connection® curriculum for people who provide services in mental health and social services settings (20 hours $8,500 pus travel and books for up to 35 people), and faith communities (one to three days).

We also provide training in the healthcare industry on working with trauma survivors in medical settings, including dental, primary care, skilled nursing, and assisted living. Please contact Elizabeth Power, M.Ed. now to book this powerful training for your staff! Risking Connection®is a NCTIC and SAMHSA listed evidence informed model.

And NEW is our Trauma-Informed Academy.

Now available--and FREE:
Section 01TReSIA-Introduction to Trauma Responsive Systems Implementation Advisor (PDF)
Section 02 TReSIA-About Trauma Informed Care (PDF)
Section 03 TReSIA-Organizational Assessment (PDF or on SurveyMonkey)
Section 04 TReSIA-Organizational Change Management Template (MS Word 97-2003 form)

Coming soon--FREE individual recovery plan for persons overcoming traumatic events, PTSD, addiction. All our materials are based on lived experience and support adopting trauma informed care from the individual to the organizational level.

New: Medical cards for survivors of trauma to share with their healthcare providers.

Also FREE: Examples galore! Statements that reflect how people manage feelings, feel worthy of life, and demonstrate strong positive connections, a set of validating statements and a list of Assistive Technology resources.

We also offer Trauma Responsive Trauma Informed Care consulting, training and program implementation.  We are authorized providers of Risking Connection®  All align with TReSIA whether we are helping you with managing vicarious trauma, systems change, or symptom management for the people you serve.Trauma responsive systems  trauma informed care
Trauma responsive systems recognize 75% of us have been overwhelmed by some event.  They incorporate current knowledge about the impact of trauma on policies, programming, and service delivery.  Trauma responsive systems and trauma informed care recognize that what we experience as traumatic affects us in known and knowable ways.  These change how we think, feel, and act.    
Trauma informed behavioral and mental health systems have better outcomes, higher staff health and morale, and lead their industries. Providing trauma informed care means changing the frame of reference, using almost all of the same skills and modeling mental health recovery behaviors presented to clients as healthy and addressing organizational and cultural barriers to trauma-informed care.

More specifically, trauma informed care means recognizing and responding to risks of coercion, misuses of power, and the substitution of power for therapeutic relationships. Trauma informed care focuses on the known impact of traumatic events from a present focused strength based perspective in interactions, documentation, notes, and belief.  Trauma responsive systems recognize this and apply it in HR policies, operating processes, and customer interfaces. TReSIA is a suite of integrated tools to help organizations become trauma responsive and trauma informed.

The focus on fostering resilience and optimizing people's abilities through healthier relationship and preventive mental health improvement reduces stigma, is likely to reduce use of benefits and leave, and impacts ROI.