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Every day, you live with, see, or hear about knee-buckling events filled with fear, grief, or pain. It wears you down.

You need a different set of simple skills to reduce the toll trauma takes, and rewrite the future for yourself and others.

We can help. Our evidence informed program is the only one that blends knowledge and skill from two critical areas: Emotional Intelligence and Trauma Informed Processes. It changes lives and improves outcomes.


Unique Content

The ONLY program adapting  EQ by  applying the Trauma Responsive lens. Evidence-informed for greater success.


Supports F699 and QRTP certification

The Trauma Informed Academy(r)  training satisfies F699 /  QRTP requirements.


24/7 Online Learning

We know you're busy! Short lessons available 12 months on Internet-enabled devices.


Certificates of completion 

We offer certificates of completion for engagement and knowledge mastery. 

The Trauma

Informed Academy


Special Offer:

Solo: $45 mo | 6 months


Group: Based on volume 

($16-30 per person | 12 months)

After 20 years of working in direct care at a state hospital, no one could teach me anything. You did. I made some changes in how I thought, and my work is easier, my patients more responsive, and my life is much better... Truly you're called to do this.



Charge Nurse

"This completely changed how I work with my colleagues and clients entirely--and my business is booming!" 


Sally K.

Advertising Executive,  Advocate

I'd never thought about the histories our patients bring with them to the clinic--when we changed how we communicate with them, and began to use your "three magic questions," we saw real upticks in compliance and staff morale.. Thank you!


Tabitha R.

Medical Director

Need to talk about which program is right for you? 

Elizabeth Power, M. Ed.

Founder, The Trauma Informed Academy™

Power's influence in Trauma Informed Care reaches every continent except Antarctica. As "The Voice of Lived Experience," she combines robust academic knowledge, 30-plus years of helping clinicians master TIC,  practical skills and adult learning to offer engaging tools that are evidence-informed. She blends these with trauma-responsive learning. She is a Vanderbilt graduate and an Adjunct Instructor in Psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical Center.