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About Our Work in Trauma-Informed Care

Our Work
EPower & Associates’ Trauma Informed Response meets a specific challenge: increase the awareness and application of Trauma Informed Care principles across multiple disciplines, providing resources, consulting and education for the purpose of influencing Trauma Responsive Systems.  We are recognized for our work in organizational change and full spectrum adult learning, training, applying lived-experience in a balanced way.  

EPower & Associates is currently involved in two federal grants focusing on Sidran Institute's keystone program, Risking Connection®, a trauma informed model that honors the professional skills and training of mental health providers, front line staff, clergy, educators and other skilled helpers.  Its focus is on creating a trauma informed frame of reference with strong focus on managing vicarious traumatization through conscious self-care. Risking Connection is an NCTIC listed trauma informed care model.

Service Delivery
Elizabeth represents "the voice of lived experience" in recovering from overwhelming and traumatic events. She is involved in multiple implementations of Trauma-Informed Care and Risking Connection.  EPower & Associates developed elements of TReSIA focused trauma informed care responses in customer service, first responses to callers in distress such as claims agents, and educational settings.

A graduate of Peabody at Vanderbilt University, she is also a Six Sigma Black Belt.  She oversees all projects and delivers services personally as much as is possible.   


EPower & Associates, Inc.'s work in trauma-informed care includes being a Risking Connection Master Trainer as well as a highly-regarded facilitator in the area of dissociation, self-injury, symptom management, and creating customer-centric service (where meeting the needs of the customer is the primary goal of the organization).  Elizabeth is the developer of TReSIA, the Trauma Responsive System Implementation Advisor.

Additional collaborators work with EPower & Associates, Inc. on different projects  to meet specific needs and interests and create new products.  Among them:

  • Stacy Leighton, Early Childhood Educator and consultant
  • Mrna Dibble, LCSW; Agency based for over two decades
  • Teresa McGee, MA, author of Transforming Trauma, is one of our northeastern US collaborators as is Mike Uretsky, Ph.D. 

All of our collaborators are keenly aware of the variety of traumatic experiences ranging from abuse to immigration, life-changing medical conditions, disability, and torture. Lived experience in the first or second person is a reality in our relationships and we model trauma responsive services.

Home Location
We are a Nashville TN based, woman owned, CCR registered firm.