Trauma Recovery Connection

Mental Health Recovery and Resilience

Trauma-Informed Resources and Services

TReSIA is trauma responsive system and trauma informed care resources for a growing variety of disciplines that recognize the prevalence of overwhelming (traumatic) events.  Trauma informed care and trauma responsive systems rely on learning from mental and behavioral health.  People who benefit from this approach are those who deal with varying degrees of PTSD, addiction, anxiety or ovewhelming experiences whose lives include mental health care.

Part 1: TReSIA, the Trauma Responsive Systems Implementation Advisor            
    Section 1: About Trauma Responsive Systems (PDF)         
    Section 2: Trauma Informed Care
    Section 3: Organizational Self Assessment   
 (PDF-contact to access the online version)
Part 2: TReSIA
    Section 4: Organizational Change Management Template  (MS Word Form)        
    Section 5:   (Soon) LEAP: Life Enhancing Action Plan                      

   Examples of Evidence of Risking Connection's "Self-Capacities"
(from class participants in 2010-12)           
    Examples of Evidence of Inner Connection to Self/Others            
    Examples of Evidence of Managing/Modulating Feelings                           
    Examples of Evidence of Feeling Worthy of Life            
    Examples of Validating Statements
    Medical Cards for people with histories of trauma to share with health care providers

Consulting Services

Organization Change Management
We provide full spectrum OCM services for short and long term projects in a variety of areas.  Please contact us for information.

Risking Connection® Delivery and Implementation 
EPower & Associates, Inc. is Sidran authorized to provide  the Risking Connection trauma-informed care model developed with lived experience input. Risking Connection is for people working with survivors of trauma, abuse, and other events. It helps create trauma informed care. 
  • We provide a separate adaptation of instructor-led Risking Connection to help faith leaders who recognize the impact of traumatic experiences in their community.
  • Instructor-led Foster Parent training is also available.

New!  The core content of Risking Connection will be available online fourth quarter 2012. Contact us for more information.

Additional Training
EPower & Associates provdes training and technical assistance in trauma responsive trauma informed care.

Replication / Technical Assistance
When organziations have programs informed by trauma they wish to replicate, we help them develop the materials for their program.  We develop "programs guided by a manual" that support clinician training and experience (not recipe therapy!). We also help in the change management process required for implementation. 

Our projects include the SPARCS manual, Hillside Family of Agencies Work-Scholarship Program, and Children's Institute program for mothers and children in Shelter Care for DV.

Free Estimates
No two projects are the same.  We provide accurate, realistic, and reasonable estimates. 
We work to make sure the investment is appropriate and affordable, in some cases, seeking underwriting on behalf of our clients.